Lagos Travel Guide

There’s Nowhere Like Lagos

With a population over 20 million and a reputation that’s as fascinating as it is frenetic, Lagos can be a lot for the senses. First impressions of Lagos (or even pre-conceptions before you arrive) might be a city of back-to-back traffic, non-stop noise and a clear divide between the haves and the have-nots. While much of that is true, the spirit of the city lies in its food, art, music, make-anything-fix-anything attitude, and its resilience. Spend some time in Lagos and break agege bread with the locals and you’ll discover a city that is like nowhere else, and a people who are warm, welcoming and vibrant.

An oil rich country that has survived the ups-and-downs of oil prices and diversified into all manner of industries from textiles to technology, Lagos is the centre of it all. No longer the country’s capital (that moved to Abuja in 1991), it remains the hub of industry, the first port of call for visitors and often the only part of Nigeria that many visitors will see. Our travel guide is designed to help you experience the best of Lagos food, art and culture, and shopping.