Responsible Practices for a Greener Future

While Southern Sun's main business activities pose limited risks to the environment due to the service nature of the industry, the company is subject to the general impacts of climate change. The group recognises that using natural resources responsibly is important to its long-term sustainability and every effort is made to manage hotel operations with due care and consideration for the interests of our communities and other stakeholders.

Southern Sun is consciously committed to integrating best environmental practices into our core business strategy, thereby supporting balance between the group’s economic, social and environmental outcomes. As such, the group endeavours to ensure that its conduct meets the needs of the present, while minimizing the cost to future generations.

To achieve this, our stated policy and commitment can be accessed here.

In its effort to contribute to conservation of natural resources, Southern Sun encourages communities to adopt a responsible attitude towards the use of electricity and water and the management of waste. The group also works with municipalities, education providers and community-based organisations by organising clean-ups, tree planting and urban improvement projects to highlight the need for individuals to manage their own environmental footprints.

For further information about Southern Sun's environmental performance, read our Integrated Annual Report.