Property Portfolio

Portfolio and Asset Management

Hospitality owns 54 properties and receives rental income from its tenants. The leases for all our properties have a fixed and variable component, with the exception of Southern Sun Pretoria, which is a fixed lease.

Hospitality’s geographic diversification has improved with the acquisition of properties from Tsogo Sun. The diversity in property grading caters to the varying budgets and preferences for guests of all income groups.  The diversity in brands offers a range of products to international and domestic markets.

Our focus is the asset management of our properties, with a long-term strategy of acquiring, disposing of and investing in a relevant portfolio to protect and grow shareholder returns.  This strategy is delivered through responsible capital expenditure, an evaluation of acquisition opportunities as well as the optimal source of funding for these investments.

Our strategy for asset management is also to have dynamic and symbiotic relationships with the hotel management companies who focus on managing the hotel operations to maximise the income-generating capability of each hotel.  The Fund’s asset management functions and ongoing monitoring of hotel performance through data analytics as well as unlocking efficiencies assists in maximising the earning potential of the hotel while partially mitigating the risk.

For a detailed list of our property portfolio, click here.