Tenants, Hotel Managers and Brands

Our tenants have management agreements with reputable hotel management companies.  As the property owner, we have a symbiotic relationship with our tenants and the hotel management companies, who are the representatives of the brands in our portfolio.  Hospitality’s interaction and liaison regarding operational performance and strategic direction of the hotels is predominately with the hotel management companies.

The Fund’s variable rental income streams are impacted by the performance of individual properties, which are dependent on the economy as well as the quality of the facilities and the services offered.  Similarly, the hotel manager is incentivised to maximise their revenue through occupancy and rate, as well as their gross operating profits in order to increase their management fees.

Effective contract management ensures that contractual terms and performance targets are met, to the ultimate protection of both parties.

View our relationship with tenants and hotel management companies here.

The Fund’s diversity in brands offers a range of products to international and domestic markets. These include: