Lusaka Travel Guide

Lots to Love in Lusaka

The capital city and major commercial centre of Zambia might not be on everyone’s Africa bucket list, but if you’re willing to do some exploring you’ll discover lots to love in Lusaka. Expect a warm welcome and a window into real African urban life in one of the fastest growing cities in Southern Africa.

Modern malls, quality hotels and great restaurants make Lusaka the perfect place to prepare for, or relax after, a stay in the Copperbelt. As a pre or post safari stopover, Lusaka offers a gentle introduction to wild Zambia and affords off-the-beaten-track explorers a chance to regroup and replenish.

Lusaka is developing fast and with a population of over 2 million in its greater metro area, it’s not without traffic, noise and dust, so choosing the best place to stay makes a big difference to your Lusaka experience. While the city is tourist-friendly, Lusaka attracts significantly less tourists than some other more traveler-famous African cities, which makes some of its best sites a little harder to find. Our travel guide is designed to point you in the direction of some of the best attractions in and around Lusaka.