Business Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Find Out More About Our frequentGuest Business Rewards Programme

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions with answers below, so companies can familiarise themselves with how the frequentGuest Business rewards programme works. If your question is not answered below or for any other queries about our frequentGuest Business rewards programme, feel free to email the Business Rewards team:

Registering for Business Rewards

1. Is our company eligible to join the Southern Sun frequentGuest Business rewards programme?

An eligible company is a company incorporated and registered with the proper authority in the jurisdiction in which it operates, excluding 3rd Parties (Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Professional Conference Organisers), Associations, Government Departments, NGOs (Non-Government Organisations), Political Parties and Embassies and companies contracted as a Southern Sun Partner or Key Account.

2. How does our company apply to participate in the Southern Sun frequentGuest Business Rewards Programme?

Download and complete the frequentGuest Business rewards application form. Once completed this can be emailed through to Your application will be reviewed and a frequentGuest Business rewards representative will be in contact with you to advise the outcome of your application.

Accommodation Discounts

1. What discounts does the frequentGuest Business rewards programme provide our company?

Corporates participating in the frequentGuest Business Rewards Programme are entitled to an accommodation discount at participating hotels. Remember your company qualifies for the following discounts off accommodation:

2. Does our company qualify for further discounts on accommodation if we are booked on a negotiated corporate or promotional rate?

No further discounts are applied if you are booked on a negotiated corporate or promotional rate.

3. What information is required when making a reservation to ensure our company gets their frequentGuest Business rewards Accommodation discounts?

When Southern Sun creates a company in their customer database your company is allocated a Corporate ID. When you become a member of the frequentGuest Business Rewards Programme this membership is linked to your Corporate ID. When making a reservation direct with the Hotel the reservation agent will connect your Corporate ID to your reservation and you will get the accommodation discounts.

For all bookings of 9 rooms and less (not a group booking) you can also book online using  Southern Sun's Travel Booker. When you log into Southern Sun's Travel Booker using your Travel Booker login and password you will automatically get the frequentGuest Business rewards programme accommodation discounts.

Earning SunRands

1. What are SunRands?

SunRands is the frequentGuest Business rewards currency that your company earns when staying at Southern Sun hotels. SunRands earned can be used towards payment of accommodation, meals and drinks at select restaurants and bars, hotel parking (when staying at a hotel) and Tourism Levy.

2. How does our company earn SunRands?

Your company earns 5% SunRands when booking at a participating Southern Sun hotels on public and corporate accommodation rates. Confidential rates do not qualify for SunRands earnings. SunRands can also be earned on food and beverage spend at select restaurants/bars plus sundry items (hotel-owned laundry, telephone calls and hotel-owned parking), if charged to your room.

3. How long are SunRands valid for?

SunRands are valid for 24 months from date of issue. SunRands not used within the 24 months will expire.

4. How long will it take for SunRands earned to reflect on my account?

SunRands earned will be allocated within 24-hours after check out and will reflect on your statement. Should a company stay not be allocated within 24-hours the authorised contact can contact to query.

5. How does our company know how many SunRands we have?

Your company will be emailed an eStatement once a month which will be emailed to the elected signatory. You can also email to enquire.

Redeeming SunRands

1. How many SunRands does our company need before we can spend them?

For transaction purposes 1 SunRand = 1 Rand. You do not need a minimum amount before spending your available SunRands.

2. When and where can our company redeem my SunRands?

SunRands can be used towards payment at all participating Southern Sun hotels or Southern Sun owned restaurants/bars and conferencing, Tourism Levy and Sandton Sun.

3. Can our company redeem SunRands earned on a current stay during the stay?

No. At the earliest, SunRands may only appear on your profile 24-hours after check out and can only be used once reflected on your membership as an available SunRands balance.

4. Does our company earn SunRands on SunRands payment transactions?

You can earn SunRands only on the top up value of the company stay should your company be required to pay in an amount. Your company will not earn SunRands on the SunRands payments.

5. How do we make a booking using SunRands as a form of payment?

Booking direct with hotel or via the Southern Sun Travel Booker portal (on and then contact for redemptions.

6. Can we use our SunRands to pay for food and beverage, hotel parking and Tourism Levy?

Yes, a Business Rewards member can pay for meals and drinks with SunRands at Southern Sun owned restaurants and bars as well as hotel parking when staying at a hotel and Tourism Levy.

Membership Queries

1. Who can we contact in the event that we have a query in regards to our frequentGuest Business rewards membership

The designated signatory assigned to the membership by the company can contact for all frequentGuest Business rewards related enquiries.