Praslin Explorers

Boat or Foot

Explore a little more of Praslin by boat or foot. Join us for Praslin sunsets out to sea or nature walks around our gardens.

Nature Walk

The nature walk is great for all ages and gives a fresh understanding of the plants in the gardens and the reserves around Paradise Sun. Learn how the Seychellois have made use of virtually every plant on the island for medicine, clothing, eating and more. Taste and smell the difference between cinnamon leaves and cinnamon bark, smell the stinky-cheese plant, see one of the only nutmeg trees on the island, learn how fruit bats open tough fruits and seeds as well as learn how island locals use plants to make a shoe, a hat, cure a cold or make dinner.

Sunset Cruise

Book ahead to join us on our free weekly sunset cruise. Take a trip out on the water as the sun disappears and the sky turns into shades of reds, pinks and orange. Appreciate the beauty of Praslin, stunning beaches like Anse Lazio and nearby islands like St Pierre from the ocean. Booking ahead is required and space is limited.