Activities for Kids

Seychelles With Children

You might be content with sun lounger and cocktail, the kids however might need a little more stimulation. As well as a child-friendly pool, and our Beach Clubhouse with snorkel masks, table tennis, volleyball and footballs for them to entertain themselves we’ve planned a calendar of weekly kids activities.

Shell Creations

Perfect for treasures to take home or make for mum. Our entertainer will teach little ones about the shells they might find on the beaches around the island and help make something special from them. Perfect for little ones.

Coconut Demonstration

Learn how they grow, what they are used for and even how the Creole islanders use the palm fronds and leaves to weave everything from hats to baskets and brooms. And of course, taste fresh coconut from the tree. Great for all ages.

Cooking Demonstration

Discover a little more about local flavours and what makes Seychellois cuisine so special. Learn about our freshly picked ingredients, different fish types, the fruitful fruits of the islands and best of all, get to taste it. Good for big kids and adults.